What the Globe and Mail, CBC and Vancouver Sun are saying about MISSING. Opens tomorrow.



A new chamber opera by Marie Clements and Brian Current. Directed by Peter Hinton. Conducted by Timothy Long.

From The Globe and Mail, Marsha Lederman  / October 28 2017 -
“A Tragically Timely Opera”

Missing is a story everybody knows, about a woman no one remembers. ‘This opera is a look at what decolonization might look like… I find it very hopeful, because it’s about the spirit finding home…’ – Peter Hinton, director

‘It’s such a different form for me, but it’s also connected to theatre and I think there’s such an emotional quality to operas… I really wanted to be able to kind of see what that was…’ – Marie Clements, librettist

To turn mission into music, Current said that: ‘I don’t want people to have to listen six times to get it. I want people to get it right away. I want it to have impact the first time they see it.’ – Brian Current, composer

As heard on CBC's North by Northwest with Eileen Power, CBC Radio / October 29 2017 - North by Northwest, Oct. 27, 2017 edition

“City Opera Vancouver has a reputation, and a well-deserved one, for innovative programming…”

Listen to the entire 18:00 preview, recorded live in rehearsal, and interview.

From the Vancouver Sun, Stuart Derdyn / October 27 2017 - “New opera honours murdered and vanished aboriginal women and girls”

“From magic flutes to Dons doing deals with the Devil, to Valkyries and season rites, operas take on a lot of topics. Even in light of that fact, City Opera Vancouver and Pacific Opera Victoria commissioning a chamber work based on the Canadian national tragedy of missing and murdered aboriginal women stands out… Missing is a call to action. It is also intended to honour the 1200-plus missing and murdered First Nations, Inuit, and Métis women and girls in Canada.”


It opens in a way you might expect, and closes in a place you cannot imagine. Please join us. You will be moved.

3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 November. The York Theatre. $22, $45, and $65 only.


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