City Opera News for 15 July 2021


At the Statue of Venus

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Rose has been set up on a blind date. What could go wrong? Almost everything, it seems...

A romance for our times. And then some.

They agree to meet at the statue of Venus, but the moment Rose arrives she has doubts: The slacks were a mistake. Too late now. Brazen it out… There’s a bald spot. You know, a few hours at the gym wouldn’t exactly kill you, either…

It was a sexy voice: “I’ll meet you at the statue of Venus. Let’s say five-ish, shall we?” I liked the “shall we?” The “five-ish” not so much.  

“You two should meet. You’re really perfect for each other. He’s a Pisces. You’re a Scorpio. You both love the ballet.” If he’s gay it won’t matter I wore the slacks…

Join us for a charming, sweet, poignant romance, full of doubt and self-doubt and longing. Starring Robyn Driedger-Klassen, with pianist Terence Dawson, libretto by Terrence McNally, and filmed with the special permission of composer Jake Heggie. Free, of course.


City Opera at Sun-Yat Sen
Classical Chinese Gardens

Sunday 18 July

You’re invited to the first two of 35 PoPUpOpera concerts this season. With soprano Szu-Wen Wang, and baritone Yuhui Wang, they take place at 5 and 6:30pm this Sunday 18 July. Tickets available here


City Opera goes to Maple Ridge
Saturday 24 July

Please join us at noon on Saturday 24 July for Love, in Operatic Proportions. Outdoors, and free. With Chloé Hurst, Emma Parkinson, Martin Renner Wallace, Jason Cook, and Roger Parton. Our thanks to BC Gaming for their tremendous support. Details online.

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