Concerts & Special Events


Founded in 2006, City Opera Vancouver has begun its 16th year commissioning and presenting full productions of chamber opera, and of operatic repertoire in concert. We have produced 215 recitals, readings, special events, and MainStage productions in this period.

71 of them have been given in the DTES, including workshops of newly commissioned operas at the Carnegie Centre, Native Education College, Chinese Cultural Centre, Floata, and the CNL Auditorium. We average one such event a month, year-round.

We also give opera in concert and recital. Since COVID, the majority have been presented in our new series of PoPUpOpera mini-concerts across Vancouver.

These took place at Granville Island, Museum of Vancouver, Minoru Chapel, DTES Carnegie Centre, Oppenheimer Park, Italian Cultural Centre, Vancouver Playhouse, Italian Day on The Drive, Holt Renfrew, Chinese Cultural Centre Museum, Roedde House, Sun-Yat Sen Chinese Classical Gardens, Evelyne Saller Centre, Jacob’s Well, DTES Homeground Festival, Pigeon Park, Kay Meek Theatre, Eagle Harbour Yacht Club, Strathcona Community Centre, Shadbolt Centre, St James Anglican Church, Chinatown Night Market, Hodson Manor, Famee Furlane Cultural Centre, Lost Lagoon, DTES Heart of the City Festival, Phoenix Recovery Society of Surrey, Westminster Recovery House in New Westminster, Last Door Recovery Society in New Westminster, BC Culture Days, the DTES Fearless Festival, The Annex, Canadian Music Centre, InterUrban Gallery, John Fluevog Shoes, City of Vancouver Council Chambers, West End Car Free Day, CBC Studio 700, Britannia Seniors Centre, Trout Lake Community Centre at John Hendry Park, Beaconsfield Park, Chinatown SkyTrain Plaza, International Village Plaza, MacLean Park, Canada Line Cambie x Broadway, Canada Line King Edward Station, Canada Line Oakridge/41st Station, Canada Line Langara/49th Station, DTES CRAB Park, Broadway-Commercial SkyTrain Station, Waterfront SkyTrain Station, Burrard SkyTrain Station, Stadium/Chinatown SkyTrain Station, Grandview Park, BC Cancer Agency at VGH, 300 Block Alexander Street, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority DTES Powell Street Clinic, ACT Maple Ridge, Vancouver Coastal Health Vaccination Clinics, Jewish Community Centre, Cottage Hospice, Kits Beach, Maple Plaza x 4th Avenue, DTES Victory Square, Thornton Park, Bobolink Park, Library Square, Science World, False Creek Seawall, Vancouver Art Gallery Robson Plaza, DTES Andy Livingstone Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, Dude Chilling Park, Roedde House, DTES Four Sisters Co-op, Chutzpah Festival, LaFarge Town Centre Park Coquitlam, VanDusen Gardens...

We have given ten mainstage productions, including five commissions in nine years.



25 February                ‘Why Bach Matters’, public lecture at Carnegie Centre, given by Dr Charles Barber. (80)

1 April                          ‘The Idea of Opera’, public lecture at Carnegie Centre, given by Charles Barber for City Opera. (90)

25 November              City Opera concert, Pantages Theatre Diana Oros-Wilder, soprano; Michael Onwood, piano(145)



1 July                           Fearless Festival, at Pigeon Park Michelle Koebke, soprano; Dominique Hogan, piano (200)

26 October                  Singalong Carmina Burana’, with soprano Phoebe MacRae, tenor Will  George, baritone Andrew Greenwood, section soprano Lucy Smith,  section tenor Mark Donnelly, section baritone Peter Alexander, pianists Jason Sherbundy and Kenneth Broadway, percussionists Sal Ferreras, Brian Nesselroad, Robin Reid and Daniel Tones, conductor Charles Barber, producer Adam Abrams. St-Andrew’s Wesley United Church. (800)



27 January                  SFU Opera Talk, Harbour Centre, given by Dr Charles Barber (40)

16 April                       Official Launch Event, Pantages Theatre City Opera, co-producer. Included Elder Sam George, Dal Richards, Christopher Gaze, Joy Coghill, Dalannah Bowen, Charles Barber, Prof Abraham Rogatnick, Jim Sands, Dorothy Dittrich, Alex McLeod, Roma Hearn (230)

16 May                        City Opera DTES Recital Series, Michelle Koebke, soprano. Miri Lee, piano. Carnegie Centre (90)

21 May                        City Opera DTES Recital Series, Michelle Koebke, soprano. Miri Lee, piano. Jacob’s Well, 239 Main Street (30)

23 May                        City Opera DTES Recital Series, Michelle Koebke, soprano. Miri Lee, piano. Evelyne Saller Centre, 320 Alexander Street (45)

24 May                        City Opera DTES Recital Series, Michelle Koebke, soprano. Miri Lee, piano. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden in the Hall of One Hundred Rivers (90)

24 August                    City Opera concert, Fearless Festival II, at InterUrban Gallery. Melanie Kreuger, soprano; Michael Onwood, piano (200)

3 November                ‘Emperor of Atlantis’, presentation No. 1 of 46 across Metro. Heart of the City Festival, Carnegie Centre (50)



1 February                   2pm, First Performance, ‘Emperor of Atlantis’ with addresses by Hon. Steven Point, Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia, and Dr Jaap Hamburger. SOLD OUT (300)

4 February                   8pm, Second Performance, ‘Emperor of Atlantis’ (250)

7 February                   8pm, Third Performance, ‘Emperor of Atlantis’. SOLD OUT (300) Mayor of Vancouver in attendance

9 February                   8pm, Fourth Performance, ‘Emperor of Atlantis’. SOLD OUT (300)

11 February                8pm, Fifth Performance, ‘Emperor of Atlantis’. SOLD OUT (300)

20 February                DTES recital, Michael and Jamie Onwood at Homeground Festival, Oppenheimer Park. 90 people attended. 3 – 3:30pm. (110)

29 May                        New Chamber Opera Workshop No. 1  ‘Sea Change’, by Constantine Caravassilis and Nora Kelly (25)

3 October                    benefit recital at Roedde House. Melanie Krueger, soprano; Greg Caisley, pianist. (30)

25 October                  provided all music for Abraham Rogatnick Memorial Service, Great Hall, Law Courts Building, 800 Smithe Street (600)



19 February                DTES Recital, Homeground Festival, Oppenheimer Park  Caroline Jang, soprano; Michael Onwood, keyboard (160)

26 May                        Sumidagawa & Curlew River, I, 7:30pm, Frederic Wood Theatre (200)

27 May                        Sumidagawa & Curlew River, II, 7:30pm (150)

28 May                        Sumidagawa & Curlew River, III, 7:30pm (150) post-curtain talk for UBC Alumni

30 May                        Sumidagawa & Curlew River, IV, 2:30pm (150)

6 June                          Italian Day on The Drive, 2pm Mariana Valdés, soprano; Nicolas Rhind, tenor; Greg Caisley, keyboard; Tom Durrie, producer/narrator (1000)

20 June                        Opening Ceremonies, Italian Week at Italian Cultural Centre  Mariana Valdés, soprano; Andrzej Jeziorski, tenor; Greg Caisley, keyboard; Tom Durrie, producer/narrator (60)

3 November                Recital, Minoru Chapel, Richmond Mariana Valdés, soprano; Nicolas Rhind, tenor; Greg Caisley,                                                          piano; Tom Durrie, narrator 80)

9 December                Roedde House, music provided at Annual Christmas Party (50)



1 May                          COV music direction of Va, Pensiero with new SFU Woodwards / DTES Community Chorus, Audain Gallery (70)

15 May                        Fallujah Workshop No. 1, Part A, Canadian Music Centre (35)

16 May                        Fallujah Workshop No. 1, Part B, Russian Hall (25)

5 June                          Italian Day, Commercial Drive Richard Epp, pianist; soprano Rachel Fenlon; baritone Andrey                                                         Andreychik; Tom Durrie, producer and narrator (1000)

1 August                      City Opera gives three public concerts on Granville Island, BC Day, with soprano Rachel Fenlon, baritone Andrey Andreychik, pianist Richard Epp, and narrator Tom Durrie. (2000)

18 September             2pm – 10pm, Fallujah Workshop No. 2, DHUC (25)

2 October                    COV Outreach Concert:  CACV 65th Anniversary. Museum of Vancouver. Kathleen Morrison, soprano; Andrew Greenwood, baritone; David Boothroyd, pianist; Valèry Ryvkin and Charles Barber, duo-pianists (90)

2 November                Minoru Chapel outreach concerts, Richmond  2pm and 7pm Gina McLelland-Morel, soprano; Willy Miles-Grenzberg, baritone; David Boothroyd, pianist; Tom Durrie, narrator and producer (150)

13 November              Fallujah Workshop No. 3, 2pm to 10pm Tom Lee Music Hall (30)

14 November              ibid, 10am to 4pm  Tom Lee Music Hall (20)

14 November              “Fallujah Preview” at Carnegie Centre lecture-demo with Ken Lavigne, Christopher Mayell, Arianna                                                          Sovernigo, plus Tobin Stokes, Heather Raffo, David Boothroyd.                                                      DVD. Half-page feature in Globe & Mail (90)

17 December              Three COV concerts at Granville Island / Public Market, Net Loft.  Rachel Stewart, Erin Palm, Andrew Robb, Nickolas Meyer (600)



18 March                    Talk to Vancouver Opera Club, at SFU Harbourcentre (50)

11 May                        Fallujah given, piano-vocal, at Carnegie Centre (100)

13 May                        Fallujah given, orchestral version, Frederic Wood Theatre. Workshop No. 4 concludes (400)

16 May                        City Opera presentation to Sam Sullivan Salon, Playhouse.  Christopher Mayell, tenor; David Boothroyd, piano (600)

10 June                        Italian Day on The Drive. Chloé Hurst, soprano. Willy Miles-Grenzberg, baritone. Michael Onwood, piano. Tom Durrie, narrator (1000)

6 November                Viva Verdi!  Minoru Chapel, 2pm and 7pm. (200)



1 March                       Concert at HomeGround Festival, Oppenheimer Park. Willy Miles-Grenzberg, baritone; David Boothroyd, piano (140)

9 May                          Annual General Meeting No. 6, at CMC with sneak preview of Pauline: Tobin Stokes, Rose-Ellen Nichols, Will George, David Boothroyd (40)

31 May                        Singalong Great Opera Choruses. with Christopher Gaze Carnegie Centre (120)

9 June                          Italian Day on The Drive. Andrew Greenwood, baritone; Diane Speirs, soprano; Richard                                                        Epp, keyboard; Tom Durrie, narrator (1000)

9 August                      An evening of Chinese and Western classical song William Liu, baritone; David Boothroyd, piano Chinatown Night Market (250)

24, 25 August              Pauline at Lost Lagoon / Stanley Park 125 Rose-Ellen Nichols, mezzo; David Boothroyd, keyboard  Janet Rogers, guest on 25 August. Covered by CBC TV (100)

21, 22 September       Pauline Workshop No. 1. Tom Lee Music Hall (30)

6 October                    Kay Meek Concert No. 1. Michelle Koebke, soprano. Ken Lavigne, tenor. David Boothroyd, pianist (100)

10 October                  Viva Verdi ! Italian Cultural Centre (200)

28, 29 October            Pauline Workshop No. 2 New Beginnings Baptist Church (20)

29 October                  Pauline Johnson:  The Woman and Her Opera Heart of the City Festival, Chinese Cultural Centre Museum. Rose-Ellen Nichols, Norman Armour, Tobin Stokes. (40)

6 November                Puccini !  2pm and 7pm, Minoru Chapel, Richmond. both shows sold out (200)

29 November              Pauline:  first public presentation Carnegie Centre, part of the  Third Workshop. Q&A followed (100)



6 February                   Homeground Festival, Oppenheimer Park Soprano Michelle Koebke, pianist David Boothroyd, and special                                                      guest trumpeter Daeyong Ra. (125)

2 March                       West Meets East, Chinese Cultural Centre Museum. William Liu, baritone. David Boothroyd, piano (120)

23 May                        PAULINE No. 1 / SOLD OUT (375) York Theatre 

25 May                        PAULINE No. 2 / SOLD OUT (375)  York Theatre

27 May                        PAULINE No. 3 / SOLD OUT (375) York Theatre

29 May                        PAULINE No. 4 / SOLD OUT (375) York Theatre

31 May                        PAULINE No. 5 / SOLD OUT (375) York Theatre

8 June                          Italian Day on The Drive Chloé Hurst, Sunny Shams, David Boothroyd, Tom Durrie (1000)

7 August                      AGM No. 7, at CMC Bahareh Poureslami, soprano, and pianist Sean Bayntun gave excerpts from Zaïde and L’oca del Cairo (40)

1 October                    2 concerts at Holt Renfrew, with soprano Chloé Hurst, tenor. Martin Sadd, pianist Michael Onwood. La Bohème scena, Act 1.  (600)

7 November                The Mozart Miracle Heart of the City Festival, at Carnegie. Bahareh Poureslami, soprano; David Boothroyd, piano; Charles Barber, narrator

20 November              Puccini a Piacere, at Il Centro:  The Italian Cultural Centre. Sopranos Chloé Hurst and Sarah Vardy; tenor Sunny Shams; baritone Willy Miles-Grenzberg; pianist Richard Epp; narrator Tom Durrie (150)

13 December              Two Christmas Concerts, at Shadbolt Centre, Burnaby. Chloé Hurst, soprano. Bran Kwangmin Lee, tenor. Eva Hodge, piano. Tom Durrie, narrator. (130)

20 December              Three Christmas Concerts at Holt Renfrew. Leah Alfred, soprano. Leah Field, mezzo. Andrew Lennox, tenor.  Alan Macdonald, bass (700)



24 January                  Benefit Concert for Carnegie Centre Newsletter. St James Anglican Church. Bahareh Poureslami, soprano; Joanne Hauser, clarinet; Sean Bayntun, piano. Organized by Earle Peach (200)

5 February                   Homeground Festival Oppenheimer Park Michelle Koebke; Sean Bayntun, keyboard (300)

1 April                         City Opera at Minoru Chapel 2pm and 7pm, Richmond. Chloé Hurst, Ed Moran, Sean Bayntun, Tom Durrie (160)

12 April                       Furlane Cultural Centre Concert  2605 E Pender, Vancouver. Diane Speirs, Willy Miles-Grenzberg (100)

14 June                        Italian Day on the Drive (6th consecutive appearance) Grant Street Stage, 6pm. Shadan Saul, Sunny Shams, Sean Bayntun, Tom Durrie (1000)

16 October                  Pauline at Québec en toutes letters. original cast, except for Chris Mayell as The Doctor. Le Grand Thèatre du Québec, Quebec City (600)

28 October                  The Greatest Italian Music Ever Written Shadan Saul, Barbara Towell, Sunny Shams, Andrew Greenwood, Sean Bayntun, and Tom Durrie. Il Centro:  The Italian Cultural Centre (150)

14 November              Lost Operas of Mozart, Concert No. 1 Carnegie Centre, at 4pm. (85)

15 November              Lost Operas of Mozart, Concert No. 2 Carnegie Centre, at 7pm (90)



5 February                   Homeground Festival Oppenheimer Park, 4 – 5pm.  Michelle Koebke, soprano; Roger Parton, piano (200)

19 March                    Lost Operas of Mozart, Concert No. 3 Carnegie Centre, at 4pm (95)

3 April                         Festa del Popul. Famee Furlane, 4 – 4:30pm. Melissa Howell, mezzo; Willy Miles-Grenzberg (160)

4 May                          Minoru Chapel concerts, Richmond, 2pm and 7pm.  Chloé Hurst, soprano; Samuel Chan, baritone; Richard Epp, pianist; Tom Durrie, narrator (140)

2 June                          Festa della Repubblica, Il Centro. Cathleen Gingrich, mezzo (1000)

12 June                        Italian Day on the Drive (7th annual) Shadan Saul, soprano. Sunny Shams, tenor. Roger Parton, piano. Tom Durrie, narrator (1000)

22 June                        The Glory of Italian Opera, Il Centro Shadan Saul, Barbara Towell, Sunny Shams, Andrew Greenwood. David Boothroyd, piano. Tom Durrie, narrator (200)

14 July                         Neopolitan Songs, Il Centro. Shadan Saul, Sunny Shams, Roger Parton, Tom Durrie (120)

4 August                      Opera Comedy… Il Centro, on the piazza Michelle Koebke, Michael MacKinnon, Roger Parton, Tom Durrie (140)

4 August                      Text-only workshops, MISSING WOMEN Native Education College (20)

5 August                      Text-only workshop, MISSING WOMEN DTES Carnegie Centre. Public presentation and talk-back (100)

15 September             Music from Lost Operas at AGM No. 9. With Robyn Driedger-Klassen, Elaina Moreau, David Boothroyd (20)

27 September             Popular Hits. Big Rock Brewery Fundraiser. Shadan Saul, David Boothroyd (100)

5 October                    Love and Laughter Italian Style. Il Centro. Chloé Hurst, Barbara Towell, Spencer Britten, Michael MacKinnon. David Boothroyd,  Tom Durrie (70)

22 October                  The Lost Operas of Mozart, Sneak Preview DTES Carnegie Centre. Public presentation. Part of DTES Heart of the City Festival (100)

27 October                  The Lost Operas of Mozart, I. Christ Church Cathedral (200)

28 October                  The Lost Operas of Mozart, II.  Christ Church Cathedral (250)

29 October                  The Lost Operas of Mozart, III. Christ Church Cathedral (300)

7 December                Christmas Goes to the Opera. Minoru Chapel. Elaina Moreau, soprano. Spencer Britten, tenor. Roger Parton, piano. Tom Durrie, narrator. 2pm (45) and 7pm (65)



10 February                Concert at DTES HomeGround Festival Michelle Koebke, soprano. Roger Parton, pianist (140)

28 February                Missing workshop, Native Education College (50)

1 March                       Missing workshop, Carnegie Centre (100)

2 April                         Concert, Famee Furlane. Michelle Koebke, Roger Parton (200)

25 April                       Concert, Hello & Goodbye, Il Centro (110) Shadan Saul, Charlotte Beglinger, Sunny Shams, Andrew                                                                 Greenwood; David Boothroyd, Tom Durrie

11 June                        Italian Day on The Drive (1000) eighth appearance. Grandview Park. Michelle Koebke, Sunny Shams, Roger Parton

15 June                        Neapolitan Night at Il Centro (90) Italian Cultural Centre. Michelle Koebke, Sunny Shams, Roger                                                         Parton, Tom Durrie

26 July                         Love and Laughter, Italian Style at Il Centro (80) Italian Cultural Centre piazza. Martina Govednik, Jason Cook, Roger Parton, Tom Durrie

17 August                    Summer Love at Il Centro (120) Italian Cultural Centre piazza. Chloé Hurst, Sunny Shams, Roger Parton, Tom Durrie

12 September             Native Mother’s Aria at 10th AGM (40) Canadian Music Centre. Rose-Ellen Nichols, David Boothroyd

3 October                    Opera and Beer II, fundraiser. at Tap and Barrel, Olympic Village. Martina Govednik. Jason Cook, David Boothroyd (75)

21 October                  Eagle Harbour Yacht Club concert (100) Michelle Koebke, Roger Parton

1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 Nov     MISSING performances (300 x 6) DTES Russian Hall; York Theatre

6 December                Come Sing With Us! Minoru Chapel, Richmond. 2pm (40) 7pm (30) Martina Govednik, Jason Cook, Roger Parton



9 February                   Concert at DTES HomeGround Festival Michelle Koebke, soprano. Roger Parton, pianist (120)

10 March                    Final MISSING Public Consultation. DTES Carnegie Centre (20)

20 April                       Strathcona Community Centre. Michelle Koebke, soprano. Roger Parton, pianist (20)

10 June                        Italian Day on The Drive ninth annual appearance. Second Avenue Stage. Chloé Hurst, Jason Cook, Roger Parton, Alan Corbishley (1000)

13 June                        Vancouver in Verona concert, at Il Centro Sarah Templeton, Martin Renner Wallace, Roger Parton, Alan Corbishley (140)

23 July                         A Tribute to Mario Lanza, Westminster House, and Last Door Recovery Society, New Westminster Sunny Shams, Roger Parton, Alan Corbishley (120)

24 July                         A Tribute to Mario Lanza, Phoenix Recovery Society, at Surrey City Hall Council Chambers. Sunny Shams, Roger Parton, Alan Corbishley (90)

26 July                         A Tribute to Mario Lanza, Grand Ballroom, Il Centro. Sunny Shams, Roger Parton, Alan Corbishley (200)

28 July                         A Benefit Concert for DTES Carnegie Centre Newsletter.  St James Anglican Church Hall. Lyndon Ladeur, Roger Parton (80)

30 Aug                         Masters of Bel Canto, Grand Ballroom, Il Centro. Emma Parkinson, Michelle Koebke, Roger Parton, Alan                                                                    Corbishley (150)

13 September             11th Annual General Meeting, at Canadian Music Centre. Performance by Tyler Duncan of central aria from Nigredo Hotel. Roger Parton, pianist (30)

20 September             Nigredo Hotel. Cultch Historic Theatre (169/200). Tyler Duncan, Sarah Vardy

21 September             Nigredo Hotel. Cultch Historic Theatre (155/200) Tyler Duncan, Sarah Vardy

22 September             Nigredo Hotel. Cultch Historic Theatre (195/200).  Tyler Duncan, Sarah Vardy

28 September             BC Culture Days, former QET Plaza (100) Roger Parton, piano, with citizens attending and singing their                                                         favourite opera arias

14 October                  Famee Furlane, 60th Anniversary Concert Martina Govednik, mezzo-soprano. Roger Parton, piano (140)

23 November              Xmas Mercato, Il Centro. Lyndon Ladeur, tenor. Roger Parton, piano (400)

16 December              Rosemary Cunningham Memorial Service (private) Michelle Koebke, Roger Parton (40)

16 December              Britannia Seniors Community Centre Michelle Koebke, Roger Parton (90)



26 January                  Perruqueries, at The Annex (200) Robyn Driedger-Kassen, Peter Monaghan, Tina Chang. VSO 100th anniversary

1 March                       A Concert for The Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts (40) Michelle Koebke, Roger Parton. InterUrban Gallery

30 March                    Opera and Beyond (110) Chloé Hurst, Hao Ting, Roger Parton. DTES Carnegie Centre

24 April                       Step Out for City Opera Fundraiser (75) Michelle Koebke, Emma Parkinson, Sunny Shams; Roger Parton. John Fluevog Shoes

5 June                          Our Three Tenors Salute Pavarotti (200) Turgut Akmete, Scott Rumble, Sunny Shams; Roger Parton Grand Ballroom, Il Centro

7 June                          City Opera at City Hall  (100) Turgut Akmete, Michelle Koebke, Roger Parton. City Council Chambers

9 June                          Italian Day on The Drive  (100,000) Chloé Hurst, Jason Cook,  Roger Parton, Alan Corbishley. Second Avenue Stage, x Commercial. Our 10th annual appearance

15 June                        West End Car Free Day   (50,000) Chloé Hurst, Jason Cook,  Roger Parton, Alan Corbishley. Robson Street x Denman. Our first appearance

11 July                         Italy vs France: a sporting contest   (350) Eve-Lyn de la Haye, Megan Latham, Martin Renner Wallace,                                                           Jason Cook, Roger Parton, and Alan Corbishley. Il Centro

8 August                      Bridezillas of Opera (150) Heather Molloy, Melanie Kreuger, and Michelle Koebke, Alan Corbishley, and Roger Parton. Il Centro

10 September             Opera Goes to Hell (100) Elaina Moreau, Peter Monaghan, Roger Parton, Alan Corbishley. Il Centro

28 September             Singalong Great Opera Choruses (50)  Tamar Simon, Martina Govednik, Thomas Lamont, William Liu,                                                    Roger Parton. BC Culture Days, at CBC Studio 700

3 October                    On The Table (20) The Vancouver Foundation event, at the home of Ethel Whitty. Chloé Hurst, Roger Parton

4 October                    42nd Anniversary Gala at Il Centro (400) Michelle Koebke, Roger Parton

26 October                  Berlin: a sneak preview concert (100) Carnegie Centre. Meaghan Chenosky, Daniel Doerksen, Alen Dominguez, Brent Hirose, Julia Muncs. Roger Parton, Alan Corbishley, Joanna Garfinkel

31 October                  CHINATOWN Creators' Panel (Heart of the City Festival 2020)

14 November              DTES Carnegie Newsletter Benefit Concert  St James Community Square. Chloé Hurst, Roger Parton (90)