City Opera e-News for May 8, 2014

Pauline Johnson: Two Worlds
A warrior spirit.
A secret heart.

Margaret Atwood, libretto • Tobin Stokes, music
Norman Armour, stage director

The world premiere of PAULINE is in two weeks.

“Pauline will be the runaway hit of the spring.”
– Max Wyman

PAULINE is the story of poet and performer Pauline Johnson, set in 1913 Vancouver, at the end of her life.

“Pauline is a project of great national significance, worth every support and encouragement. Likely, the Canadian opera premiere of the year.”
— Bramwell Tovey

Its text is provocative, ironic, and funny, while being dramatic and deeply personal. Its music is lyrical, an alternating current of high energy and intimate reflection.

Haunted by failure, torn by her dual identity as both Mohawk and white, Pauline Johnson fights to confront her past before the end, as her doctor tries to control the pain and her sister tries to control the story that will be told.
— Nora Kelly

Rose-Ellen Nichols
Sarah Vardy
Sarah Vardy
Adam Fisher
John Minagro
John Minágro


Moran with name 1
Edward Moran
Cathleen Gingrich
Eleonora Higginson
Diane Spiers

Dramatic-mezzo Rose-Ellen Nichols — Pauline Johnson
Soprano Sarah Vardy — her sister Eva
Tenor Adam Fisher — the Doctor, the manager and Drayton
Bass John Minágro — Grandfather Smoke
Baritone Edward Moran — the Minister, and Smiley
Mezzo Cathleen Gingrich — the Nurse, and society woman
Sopranos Eleonora Higginson & Diane Speirs — ladies

Cameron Mackenzie — assistant stage director
Mara Gottler — costume designer
Line Richard — costume cutter
John Webber — lighting and set co-design
Marianne Nicolson — visuals and set co-design
Jayson McLean — production manager
Ingrid Turk — stage manager
Robin Richardson — assistant stage manager
Hilde Binford — titles
Tim Matheson — projections
Heidi Wilkinson — prop master
Kayla Dunbar — choreographic consultant
Lindsey Katsitsakaste Delaronde — advisor
Lorna Brown — researcher


Pauline Orchestra

Mark Ferris — violin
Henry Lee — viola
Rebecca Wenham — cello
Mark McGregor — flutes
François Houle — clarinets
Ingrid Chiang — bassoon
Sean Bayntun — keyboard
Jim Littleford — contractor
Charles Barber — conductor

PAULINE runs at the York Theatre, 639 Commercial x E Georgia. Tickets are $65, $45, and $22 and only available through The Cultch. By phone: 604.251.1363. Tickets will be available at the York one hour before curtain.

Friday 23 May, 8pm
Sunday 25 May, 2pm
Tuesday 27 May, 8pm
Thursday 29 May, 8pm
Saturday 31 May, 8pm

“The purpose of art is to lay bare the questions
that have been concealed by the answers.”
— James Baldwin