Edition 2 of our DTES recital series

On August 24 2008, City Opera gave another DTES recital, this time in our second year as participants in the Fearless Festival. This Festival is organized annually by the Community Arts Network of the Community Arts Council of Vancouver, with support from many fine people and organizations.

It was conceived by Sharon Kravitz in response to a massive story in the Vancouver Sun, ‘Four Blocks of Hell’. And it was conceived to show the city what progress is actually being made through the redemptive power of art and music.

Vancouver’s lovely weather drove us from Pigeon Park to the InterUrban Gallery where, dryness and many friends in attendance, we again offered our music for residents of the Downtown Eastside. It will was later telecast in rotation on Shaw Cable by Fearless TV, thanks to producer Sid Tan.

Soprano Melanie Krueger, joined by pianist Michael Onwood, offered a wonderful program of Tesori, Puccini, Gilbert & Sullivan, Rogers & Hammerstein, Offenbach, Lehàr, and Thomas. The audience joined them in singing ‘Climb Every Mountain’, as great an anthem of hope and optimism as the DTES deserves.


Melanie Krueger, soprano

Michael Onwood, pianist