Sharing the Marquee…

It is fundamental to City Opera’s identity to share the marquee. Below, what three of our friends are up to these days.

Mad Hatters

We’re helping our friend Adam Abrams, City Opera’s resident media designer, to appear on TV. He wants to win a walk-on role on the acclaimed series “Mad Men”. Please take a second and vote for him at – and spread the word by sharing his viral video at You can vote daily, and with just 3 days left for voting, we encourage you to do so. Adam is a very important part of City Opera Vancouver’s enterprise. We owe him a lot. Thanks!

VISI Sings Year Round

Another of our friends is Rena Sharon. On Wednesday 13 October, 7:30pm at The Cellar, 3611 West Broadway, VISI will be presenting an Autumn Serenade featuring Julie Boulianne, Mezzo-Soprano; Tyler Duncan, Baritone; and, Erika Switzer, Piano. Please join us there for an evening of Mahler, Strauss, and more. It will be wonderful. $15 at the door, plus dinner starting at 6pm if you wish.

A Fascinating Salon

And on Thursday 23 September, 7:30pm at The Playhouse, you are invited to attend another of Sam Sullivan’s eclectic evenings of conversation — led by some of the most interesting people in Metro. Sam has been organizing these events for years, and has recently been making them available to the general public. The one upcoming will feature international aid worker Nicole Aube; brain researcher Max Cynader; musician Sal Ferreras; Chief Justice Lance Finch; artist Ken Lum; journalist Peter McKnight; and, ecologist Bill Rees. Tickets $15 at the door, or via