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Kye Marshall & Amanda Hale: POMEGRANATE

“A fateful trip to Pompeii’s ruins ignites the fantasies of two young women, Suzie and Cass. The pair is transported from 1977 to 79 AD, where sexual freedom can be found in the looming shadow of Mount Vesuvius—but not for long. The timeline shifts to 1981 and the Fly by Night, a Toronto lesbian bar, in the aftermath of the infamous Bathhouse Raids.

“As the couple struggles to repair their love in the face of homophobia and an impossible ultimatum, fragments of memory endure, revealing a transcendent love for the ages...” Premieres at Canadian Opera Company 2 – 4 June 2023, and at Vancouver Opera in fall of 2023.

The Students of Jamieson Elementary: SANDWICHES

Our future. Dr. Annie B. Jamieson Elementary is a K to 7 public school in Langara, Vancouver. “At Jamieson, every intermediate student learns to play a violin, cello, or bass as part of their regular school studies. Our school and community place a high value on the music programs in the school. Our dedicated and passionate music teachers lead vibrant primary music classes, creative intermediate choral projects, and huge strings program. We hope it makes you hungry to watch the 82 grade 5 and 6 students of Divisions 5, 6 & 7 perform Sandwiches!”

Jeremy Dutcher: MEHCINUT

Here, the original music video, which features Jeremy Dutcher playing piano on stage at the Aga Khan, with dancers choreographed by Brian Solomon, as well as Indigenous figures and activists, such as filmmaker Alanis ObomsawinA Tribe Called Red, fellow Polaris winner Lido Pimienta and more.

Brian Current: GOULD’S WALL

Background, in ground, above ground at Tapestry. You’ll know that Brian was also composer of MISSING in 2017, a show we commissioned and co-pro’d with Pacific Opera Victoria, and which has received 22 performances to date.

Jon Vickers. Beethoven. Fidelio: IN DES LEBENS

One of the great heldentenors of our -- or any -- time was Canadian Jon Vickers. This addition to the Festival is for benefit of young singers who never had a chance to bear witness. Here is the gold standard.


A new song cycle. Baritone Tyler Duncan and pianist Erika Switzer perform the World Premiere of 'Everything Already Lost' by Canadian composer Jeffrey Ryan, with poetry by Jan Zwicky. 'Everything Already Lost' performance begins at 13:06 Presented by Music on Main Filmed Monday, August 10, 2020 in partnership with The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts | Vancouver, BC.

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