City Opera’s first commissioned opera, “Pauline”, officially launched.

Dear Friends:

I am delighted to tell you that ‘Pauline’ was very successfully launched this past Tuesday.

Simultaneously in Toronto and Vancouver by the miracle of videoconference technology, dramatic mezzo Judith Forst, composer Christos Hatzis, and librettist Margaret Atwood talked about this remarkable chamber opera project. We plan to give its premiere at the Pantages in early 2010, and bring the world thereby to the changing and new hope of the Downtown Eastside.

The life of Pauline Johnson, which ended in Vancouver in 1913, is a great story. It will prove a great chamber opera.

If you haven’t already read about it in the Province, the Sun, the Straight, the Courier, the West Ender, on Canadian Press, in the Globe and Mail or The Toronto Star, or on radio and tv, why not visit us here?

Our special thanks to Herman Mah and his colleagues at BCIT Vancouver, who graciously allowed and made possible the use of their facilities, and to Margaret Atwood and her technicians at LongPen Toronto who did the same. Extra thanks to Douglas Berg, our IT guy and City Opera Board member, for overseeing the whole technology, which includes a novel use of DVDs prepared for television and radio – and to Kevin McKeown, who masterminded the whole release. Thanks too to Denise Ball at CBC Vancouver, who showed us the way.

Finally, thanks to ALL for your ongoing support. Much has been done, much more remains to be done, and ‘Pauline’ is public and underway at last. I hope we will do you, and Vancouver, proud.

All best,

Dr Charles Barber
Conductor and Artistic Director
City Opera Vancouver