COV News for 7 August 2020

A Canadian Masterpiece is Now
Available at Online Auction

All Proceeds Benefit City Opera

“Spring Landscape With Water” by Yehouda Chaki

This extraordinary work was donated by arts patron Wayne Richards, in support of the musical and social agenda of City Opera. His gift of original prints by Yousuf Karsh netted over $26,000 in 2010. Now, he has given us Spring Landscape With Water, by the renowned painter Yehouda Chaki. It is 10’ x 6’, and in pristine condition.
We thank curator Bill Jeffries, framer Greg Snider, and once again Heffel for granting their services. The painting is available via Heffel Fine Art Auction House until Thursday 27 August via online auction
Our fifth commission, Chinatown, by Madeleine Thien and Alice Ping Yee Ho, is set in 1961 Vancouver, and pivots across decades to tell a story of family, culture, and neighbourhood — against a background of racism, resistance, and hope. It is an incredibly moving work, to be premiered in September 2021 at The Vancouver Playhouse.

Meantime in Vancouver…

We announce three new initiatives bringing music – and more – in a time of plague.

1. PopUpOpera

At numerous outdoor locations across the city, and in compliance with BC health regulations, we present free mini-concerts. Starting August 16, with a tip o’ the hat to Pacific Opera Victoria, and Memphis Opera – and thanks to BC Gaming for ongoing support of our concerts in the DTES.

2. The City Opera Festival of Contemporary

Diverse voices. Daring visions. A curated look at dance, drama, design, music, poetry, cinema, song, photography, opera and more. All 21st C. All dazzling. All Canadian. All online. Coming in September.

3. La Voix Humaine / with Isaiah Bell

This one-person drama, by Jean Cocteau and Francis Poulenc (1928, 1958), is the powerful and heart-breaking tale of a soprano in telephone conversation with her male lover, who tells her that he is walking away. In our production, the spectacular Canadian tenor Isaiah Bell is told by his male lover that he has left – during the abyss of COVID. Now a metaphor of gender and isolation, ours is a version you have never seen before. Coming in November.
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SUDDEN NEWS:  our great friend and longtime colleague, production manager Jayson McLean, has passed at the age of 54. He died at St Paul’s Hospital, with his wife Veronica at his side. We have no other details at this time, but send our love and gratitude for his life and work. City Opera has no more faithful and enterprising a friend than Jayson. Nor has anyone.