The Lost Operas of Mozart

October 2016

In his early twenties, Mozart started three operas he never completed. Two are Italian comedies, and the third is a German Romance. Each was a tantalizing hint of what might have been. Each was the voice of Mozart himself.

Based on the original scholarship of Raphaël De Vos, John Drummond, Jane Oakshott, and Richard Rastall, The Lost Operas of Mozart is an enchanting stage-work in two acts lasting three hours, with an original script by Maria Reva set in our time at the Gates of Limbo.

Cast and Creative Team

  • Charles Barber, conductor
  • Alan Corbishley, director & co-creator
  • Maria Reva, script
  • Bramwell Tovey, actor
  • Robyn Driedger-Klassen, soprano
  • Elaina Moreau, soprano
  • Rose-Ellen Nichols, mezzo-soprano
  • Frederik Robert, tenor
  • Samuel Chan, baritone
  • Alan Macdonald, baritone
  • Michael MacKinnon, bass

The Lost Operas of Mozart was made possible with support from the Edwina and Paul Heller Memorial Fund.

Enjoy this 7-minute musical video outlining our project, The Lost Operas of Mozart. Edited by Adam Abrams; engineered and produced by Jaap Hamburger, Orange Music Inc. Excerpts courtesy of Universal Music Canada and Classic Produktion Osnabrück.

This is precisely the kind of inspirational thinking that is establishing City Opera as such an essential thread in Vancouver’s (and Canada’s) cultural fabric. Three “lost˝ bites of Mozart, rethought for modern audiences and packaged into a single evening – it promises to be a revelation and an inspiration filled with unexpected delights. Bravo to City Opera: an irresistible force of vitality and enlightenment.
— Max Wyman