September 2022 at the Vancouver Playhouse

tickets go on sale July 15

Our next new opera is CHINATOWN. Its world premiere runs at the Vancouver Playhouse from 13 – 17 September 2022. Its libretto is by Madeleine Thien, music by Alice Ping Yee Ho, and Hoisan translation by Paul Yee.


Our new opera is a story of family and neighbourhood, racism and resistance, history and tomorrow. In two acts and two hours it examines six characters, two families, and a chorus of male ghosts, from the building of the CPR through to our own times. It deals with violence and despair, the Head Tax, the Exclusion Act, paper sons, and paper promise.

It is a Western opera, but incorporates Chinese themes, sounds and sensibilities. And it is a love story.

The inspiration for CHINATOWN lies in our history, a great neighbourhood and its people, and its resistance against racism – both historical, and resurgent today.

Please join us, and bring the people you love.


Here is Derek Kwan in the Paper Son aria, from Act Two, Scene Two:

And here a preview of Erica Iris Huang as the Hoisan Singer, from Act One, Scene One: