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City Opera News for 15 June 2022

“Countless stars, and this ocean too small to hold our memories.” — Xon Pon to Saihin in Chinatown CHINATOWN: a powerful new opera by Madeleine Thien, Alice Ping Yee Ho, and Paul Yee 13, 14, 15, and 16 September at 7:30pm Saturday 17 September at 2pm Vancouver Playhouse Tickets on sale 15 July “It may […]

Pottery e-special

Hello All, We’re excited to announce that City Opera’s premiere production of Chinatown has received a major donation in the form of a huge sale of BC pottery, most from the studio and collection of Charmian Johnson. For this event, May 28 & 29, Charmian Johnson’s pots are priced to sell. We want all of them to […]

City Opera e-special for March 31, 2022

CHINATOWN a new opera by Madeleine Thien, Alice Ping Yee Ho, and Paul Yee 13 – 17 September 2022 / The Vancouver Playhouse preserving the legacy / telling the story CHINATOWN is a story of family and neighbourhood, racism and resistance, history and ourselves. Set in 1961, it pivots to the building of the CPR, […]

City Opera News for 15 March 2022

Chinatown / 13 – 17 September 2022 / Vancouver Playhouse Join the 1000+ people who have already watched a preview trailer from our new opera Chinatown. It stars Erica Iris Huang as the Hoisan Singer, and will amaze. Tickets go on sale in July. Please join us, and bring someone you love. Concerts in 2022 Last year, […]

City Opera News for 14 Dec 2021

COVID and concerts… Musicians improvise. COVID demands improvisation. In 2021, we gave 33 PoPUpOpera concerts. These included two at Cottage Hospice, three in support of vax clinics at the Convention Centre, and four at Sun Yat-Sen Gardens. Below, two of the staff who came outside for our concert at the DTES Coastal Health Clinic. They […]

COV News Special – Oct 26, 2021

Chutzpah, Marxes, & City Opera Chinatown Preview • Virtual Studio Missing in Alaska DTES PoPUpOpera • 14th AGM Chutzpah Festival. Marx Brothers. City Opera. None had more chutzpah than the Marx Brothers. In their 1935 MGM classic, A Night at the Opera, their absurd and subversive humour is in full bloom. Join City Opera as we open […]

City Opera News for 15 Sept 2021

Pictured above: City Opera at ACT Maple Ridge Covid and Concerts… Musicians improvise. COVID demands improvisation. And it means taking our music to people where they live. We gave 19 PoPUpOperas last season, and plan 35 PoPUp and long-form concerts this season. So far, we have given 34: Sun-Yat Sen Classical Chinese Gardens (4 events), […]

City Opera News for 15 June 2021

With the coming of summer… and the new COVID rules, we resume our PoPUpOpera mini-concerts. We gave 19 last year, and are planning 35 this year – all free, and all outdoors. The first is at the gorgeous Sun-Yat Sen Classical Chinese Gardens. Another twelve will be held at underserved parks, pursuant to our new […]

City Opera Vancouver News / 26 March 2021

Does anyone have perru-queries? If so, City Opera has answers. One of the wittiest, most sly and subtle comic cantatas ever written, Perruqueries [questions about wigs] was published at City Opera Online today. Click here to watch it now. With libretto by Bill Richardson, and music by Jocelyn Morlock, Perruqueries is a wickedly funny take […]

City Opera Vancouver News / 15 March 2021

The Human  Voice / Online Opera No. 1… starring tenor Isaiah Bell, with pianist Roger Parton, has attracted wonderful reviews. In the Spring 2021 edition of Opera Canada, critic Robert Jordan writes:  “With a remarkably fine tenor, Isaiah Bell conveys his character’s vain attempts to communicate an utter devastation that his male lover is ending their […]

City Opera News for 18 Jan 2021

MEUS EX MACHINA THE HUMAN VOICE. NOW COMPLETE, ONLINE, AND FREE A dazzling and contemporary adaptation of Poulenc’s masterpiece, La Voix Humaine. The agony of failed love. Failed technology. A story of ourselves. This is the first new production at City Opera Online. Starring tenor Isaiah Bell, with pianist Roger Parton, The Human Voice presents […]

City Opera News for 15 December 2020

The Human Voice. La Voix Humaine / Jan 2021 … starring tenor Isaiah Bell, has been filmed at The Cultch Historic Theatre, and is set for release as a series of nightly webisodes in January 2021, sung in a new English translation. Thanks to coach/pianist Roger Parton, Chris Randle (video), Andrew Smith (sound), Sophie Tang […]